UPCC Green Update March 2011

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Under Privileged Children's Charity (UPCC)Our bag-reusage drive has continued, with all the proceeds from the 5p bag sales and funds raised from the collection pots in-store going to the Under Privileged Childrens Charity (UPCC). So far this year, we have raised over £100 for the Under Privileged Children’s Charity (UPCC)!

Since 2008, we have been asking customers to pay 5p for each carrier bag, or to re-use carrier bags, with all proceeds from bag sales passed on to a fantastic local charity, the UPCC. We are encouraged to see that we have managed to greatly reduce the number of plastic carriers used and ultimately sent to land-fill, whilst raising money for a worthy cause.

The average plastic carrier bag is used for five minutes, but takes 500 years to decompose.DEFRA, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

Did you know? We have now started to collect and recycle metal in addition to the tonnes of cardboard and plastic we were already saving from land-fill!

The Under Privileged Children’s Charity (UPCC) (Charity No. 1365577) is a local charity that provides aid for underprivileged children in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

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