Yahoo Review Nov 2005

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Wai Yee Hong SupermarketSunday is the best day to turn up, as they have lots of freshly made stuff on sale. I can’t help but start salivating at all the freshly baked cakes and roast duck! From the moment you enter, the infectious bustle overwhelms you. Better still, if you turn up on the sunday near Chinese new year, there is a Lion dance in the middle of the street!

Thai, Indian, Malay, Chinese – they are all represented here, and it’s nice to know that seasonality of fruit and veg lives on in this little store. Although some of it probably needs to be flown in from other countries. Wandering through the store, you get hints of lemon grass, ginger, aniseed and you can’t fail to smell the durian when it’s in season! The smells all add to the experience.

And should you need to get implements such as chopsticks, bowls, woks and teapots, there is a wide selection on offer. It always amazes me how much choice there is – Mr Tan keeps the shelves well stocked! The staff may sometimes appear to be a bit rushed off their feet, but they are always willing to help, especially if you have any cooking queries – they just love talking about food! All in all, this family business comes across as being run by people who care about food, and care about getting seasonal goods into the store, quite often produced by people in the local community. Thoroughly recommended. I’d go there everyday if I could!

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