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Har Gao Shrimp reviews Water Sky Chinese Restaurant and mentions the Eastgate Oriental City complex and Wai Yee Hong Chinese Supermarket.

Water Sky Restaurant

This is part of the striking, new Eastgate development between St Werbs and Tesco’s, in what was the Eastville Market, and is a vast Chinese first-floor 400-seater restaurant over a supermarket and indoor Chinese High St where you can eat the real McCoy-san when it comes to Chinese food. Watersky follows the Dynasty model closely and does it rather well. All the standard favourites are there, on the vast menu. Be bold in your choice and go for the truly authentic selections of Dim Sum. Failing that, try the deep fried soft shell crabs with salt & chilli pepper or the lobster. There’s also a covered roof terrace. Good for large parties.

Water Sky Bristol
_   Eastgate Oriental City, Eastgate Rd, Eastville, Bristol_
_   Telephone: 0117 9512888_
_   www.watersky-bristol.com_

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