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I have driven past this place countless times and I’ve always been really intrigued to go in and check it out, having never been to a Chinese supermarket, and the other day I thought it was about time I did exactly this!

The supermarket pretty much sells everything Chinese, and believe me there is a lot on offer! If you don’t mind spending a while on each product looking for the English small print to try and understand what you’re holding then I’d recommend going along, especially if you’re into your Chinese food! This is the kind of place that’s brilliant for getting specific ingredients that you wouldn’t be able to pick up from Tesco, and if you fancy cooking an authentic Chinese meal then bring along the recipe and no doubt you will be able to find everything you need here! I didn’t come prepared to buy so I came away with just some noodles and an interesting looking dessert, but I’d really like to give the cooking a go so might return with an ingredients list!

In terms of location its literally a walk around the corner from tescos, so you could get all your standard food from there and then pop round to Wai Yee Hong to add a bit of fusion to your shopping bags – they also have an online shopping facility which you might find handy. Another thing I always notice is that they have a big market section outside for market stalls, however I’ve never seen them open – but it might be worth checking out when this goes on!

(Eastville open-air market trades on Friday every week, with the fruit and veg market trading on Saturday and Sunday too.)

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