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This is a proper, big Chinese supermarket – on an entirely different scale to the smaller but perhaps more conveniently located Kin Yip Hon Supermarket in the city centre. Wai Yee Hong has proper trolleys, and several long aisles of food – including a substantial refrigerated aisle, a good range of fresh fruit and vegetables, and an extensive frozen food section.

Ironically, I shop at this place mainly for Japanese sushi ingredients – since conveniently they sell all the stuff that can be hard to get hold of in standard British supermarkets: rice wine vinegar, sushi nori seaweed, mirin, pickled ginger, wasabi and huge bags of cheap chopsticks.

Alongside the wide array of Chinese foods (including one of my favourites: Mochi sweet rice cakes with red bean paste filling), you can also find lots of Indonesian and Thai ingredients – from common curry pastes for Thai green and red curries through to authentic Thai nam pla (fish sauce), and favourite Thai ‘corner shop’ snacks such as little tins of wasabi peas or nuts with a coconut flavoured coating. Upstairs, there’s a smaller shop selling Chinese crockery as well as a big, opulent Chinese restaurant.

Although this supermarket is miles away from where I live, I’ll happily travel to interesting food shops like this. Highly recommended for fans of Asian cuisine hunting out hard-to-find ingredients!

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