September 2009

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After a recent trip to Hong Kong, I decided I wanted to eat just Chinese food for the rest of my life and make my own Dim Sum. Now, I may have been a little hasty in that decision and I have since included a bit of British grub in there, some Indian, some French (yeah, you get the picture). However, at the height of my love affair with all things Eastern I made several visits to this place (and will again).

The huge, huge warehouse of a building (nearly the size of nearby Tescos) is stuffed with delicious accoutrements of a Chinese diet (Mandarin, Szechuan, Beijing, Cantonese and many more) – fresh pak choi, lemongrass, noodles and rice of every variety and cooking speed, soy sauces in great big containers, shrimp paste etc etc.

I shrieked with joy when I unearthed a pile of fortune cookies, and then around the next corner bamboo steamers, gorgeous little tea sets and hundreds of chop sticks and woks. There is also everything you’ll need to stage a Chinese celebration – New Year dragons, waving cats, red pockets for weddings.

Wai Yee Hong an absolute revelation (and there’s a pretty good Cantonese restaurant upstairs too).

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