Qype Review Nov 2007

Wai Yee Hong Supermarket “This is the newest addition to the Eastville area…a huge Chinese supermarket with a restaurant above. I’ve not actually visited the restaurant but my relatives tell me it’s very good.

The supermarket itself is far superior to Kin Yip Hon in Broadmead. First of all it’s massive for an oriental supermarket and it has a great selection of stuff. It has utensils, dried food, refrigerated food, frozen food, fresh food, drinks and snacks. Everything is laid out really well and the aisles are well spaced so you can browse at ease (the shop in town always seemed too crammed in to me).

If you like Chinese food it is definitely worth a look. It might be difficult if you’re English finding things you want because you can’t always tell what things are by looking at them (although most things do have English writing on them) but having Chinese relatives I know what I’m looking for and can find it quite easily.

I doubt I will use the one in town now this is here."

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