March 2010

Wai Yee Hong Chinese Supermarket We are very pleased to have received yet another glowing review from one of our customers on Thanks, Sam!

Like Kin’s chinese supermarket (see previous review) Wai Yee Hong is a stupendous supplier of all things chinese! From eastern Drinks (get yourself loaded up on Saki) to Wok’s of all shapes and sizes, and I haven’t even mentioned the food yet!

But before I get to the food, for those who prefer the eastern methods of healing to our bog-standard western approaches there is a great selection of tonics, and general ‘wellbeing’ herbs and tonic type things (it’s all very precise with me!)

And now the food! Well, in a nutshell… to much to comprehend! I never thought I would see so much foriegn writing in one dose in my life, make sure you know what you are after, and check before you buy (even though there are guidelines it might not be quite what you were hoping for)

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We’re really pleased that this reviewer has taken the time to write such nice things about us. We’re always striving to offer the very best service and shopping experience to our customers, which is why we have had so many other wonderful comments left by our many happy customers: View Customer Testimonials

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