In The Kitchen With Wai Yee Hong

Welcome to ‘In the kitchen with Wai Yee Hong’.
In our series of ‘In the kitchen…’ articles we aim to demystify oriental vegetables, methods of cooking and kitchenware. If you want to learn more about how to make the most of oriental ingredients and kitchenware, you’ve come to the right place. Articles will be added periodically, so keep checking back!

Festival Food – Mooncakes

Traditional Chinese Mooncake

Mooncakes are traditional pastries filled with sweetened lotus seed paste which are usually eaten during the Mid Autumn Festival. Read this article to learn more about this Chinese delicacy and the legend of how Mooncakes helped the Chinese overthrow Mongol rule.


Festival Food – Zongzi

Zongzi Chinese Rice Dumpling

Zongzi are traditional rice parcels which are usually eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival (‘The Double Fifth’). Read this article to learn more about this Chinese delicacy and the legend of Qu Yuan.

Sushi – Just a load of raw fish?

Japanese Sushi

Sushi – that’s raw fish, right? Read this article to learn more about this most popular of Japanese dishes!


Steamboat, Social Eating!

Chinese Hotpot, Social Eating!

Steamboat, Hotpot, whatever you might call it, this is a great way of eating with family and friends! Called ‘Dah Been Lo’ in Cantonese, this involves a communal hotpot of simmering broth that food gets cooked in at the table.

Soy Sauce

Kikkoman Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is a condiment that features in the cupboards of kitchens all over the Far East. This article aims to provide an introduction to some of the more common soy sauces and highlight differences and provide tips on usage.


Malay-English Food Glossary

Assorted Spices and Herbs

Have you ever wondered what lengkuas was? Don’t know your belacan from your bawang? Don’t worry! Hopefully this Malay food glossary will help you get the most our of your recipes!

Chinese Health Foods

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Western nutritionist are frequently turning east for tips on healthy eating. As we enter the new year, we review some of the potential health benefits of the well-publicised foods as well as introduce some foods that may be on the nutritionists’ radars in the future.


The Chinese Kitchen Cupboard

Light Soy Sauce

If you are a novice to Chinese cuisine or cooking Chinese food, this article provides an insight into the basic Chinese kitchen cupboard. There is a collection of ingredients that may be found in all Chinese kitchens. These ingredients are described in this article as well as examples on how they are typically used.

Chinese Cooking Utensils

Carbon Steel Wok

There are just some utensils and pieces of cookware that no oriental kitchen is without. This article explores the various implements and cookware that you are likely to find in a Chinese kitchen and provides tips on how to use them.


How to season a wok

Carbon Steel Wok

The wok is an integral part of Chinese cooking. Woks are used for stir frying, deep-fat frying, boiling and steaming; its many functions belying its simple design. This article introduces the wok and offers recommendations on how to season and care for it.