Staff Recommendations – Aloe Vera Drink

Aloe Vera DrinkWe’re kicking off a series of staff recommendations this month! Come back each month to find out what our staff like to eat and drink, and get real recommendations from real people! We’re starting with a recommendation from Allison, one of our store managers.

Allison recommends Aloe Vera Drink

Allison is one of our store managers, and as a busy career woman, she likes convenient products which provide maximum flavour for minimum effort! Her recommended product is Aloe Vera Drink.

“My favourite drink is the Aloe Vera Drink because the flavour is fresh and clean, and it has nice crunchy pieces of aloe vera in it. People say that aloe vera is good for overall health and your skin, which is a bonus! They have a lot of different flavours, but my favourite flavour is the standard one.”



  • Serve chilled, with ice for an extra-cooling effect. Particularly nice on a hot summer’s day!
  • Why not try making an unusual cocktail by serving as a mixer with vodka or gin?

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