Staff Recommendations – Japanese Sake

Staff Recommendations - Japanese Sake Allan, store manager, recommends Sake!

Sake is a Japanese wine made from rice, it is pronounced ‘sah-keh’, and is commonly warmed before serving. It can also be served at room temperature or chilled depending on preference and season.

This popular wine is traditionally enjoyed from small cups called choko to allow the flavours and aromas of the wine to be fully appreciated. It is usually decanted to a ceramic flasks called tokkuri for serving.

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Did you know?

  • Higher-grade sake is usually made with rice that has been subjected to more polishing.
  • Higher-grade sake is never served hot, as this would lead to the delicate flavours and aromas being lost.
  • It is commonly known as Japanese Rice wine, although the process of making it is more akin to that of brewing beer!
  • It can be enjoyed in many different ways. Try adding to cocktails, or even cooking with it!

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