Staff Recommendations – Pearl Soybean Drink

Mong Lee Shang Pearl Soybean DrinkAlan is a recent addition to the team, and is our resident sweet tooth! His recommendation for this month is Pearl Soybean Drink.

Alan recommends Pearl Soybean Drink

“I like this product because it combines two of my favourite drinks; bubble tea, and soy milk. It comes in three different flavours, Strawberry, Green Bean and Original Soy Milk. I like all of the flavours. The drinks are refreshing, and the black jelly pearls in the can are delicious!”

Bubble Tea is also known as Pearl Milk Tea or Boba Milk Tea, and is in a base of milk tea, rather than soybean milk. The drink originated in Taiwan in the 1980s, from which it spread across East Asia and the all over the rest of the world. This Mong Lee Shang Pearl Soybean Drink is a different twist on an old favourite, as it uses soybean milk as the base and has introduced other flavours.



  • Serve chilled, with a wide straw to help you get to the pearls at the bottom!
  • Alternatively, pour out into a wide glass and serve with a long spoon to fish out the pearls!

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