Staff Recommendations – Thai Chilli Paste

Thai Chilli PasteThis month, Mem lets us in on some Thai Cuisine. Mem is originally from Thailand, and enjoys eating out. Her product recommendation this month is Chilli Paste With Holy Basil Leaves!

Mem recommends Chilli Paste With Holy Basil Leaves

“I wanted to recommend something less obvious than a Thai Curry Paste this month, because there is so much more to Thai cuisine than curry! I’ve picked this Chilli Paste With Holy Basil because it is a very typical and popular Thai dish that can be prepared with seafood, chicken or pork, making it a flexible seasoning to have in the kitchen cupboard”

“This dish is sold everywhere in Thailand, usually stir-fried chicken pieces or king prawns along with some long beans cut into pieces, topped with a fried egg and a sprinkling of fish sauce and chilli. Delicious!”



  • Cut up some chicken and long beans, and stir fry. Add enough chilli paste to coat all pieces lightly and heat through.
  • Try with other meats such as pork or king prawns.

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