Aloe Aloe! Let’s Have A Taste!

OKF DrinksWoo Hoo! Time for more food tastings! Well, drinks in fact! The nice people behind OKF Aloe Vera Drinks will be coming in store on Saturday and Sunday (21st and 22nd February 2009) to give free tastings of the following drinks:

  • OKF Aloe Vera Drink
  • OKF Baby Leaf Green Tea
  • OKF Coco Natural Coconut Drink

Pop along this weekend between noon and 4.30pm (12.00-16.30) to get a refreshing taste!

What’s more, we’re offering our customers a fantastic in-store deal too! Buy 1 OKF Aloe Vera (1.5l), and get 1 Sparkling Guava Drink absolutely FREE! This offer is only available in-store from 12 noon on 21st February 2009 to closing time on 22nd February 2009, so you had better be quick!

Want to learn more about OKF Aloe Vera?

OKF Aloe Vera King People everywhere have used the Aloe Vera Cactus in cosmetics and as a remedy for illnesses for thousand of years. Aloe Vera is now renowned for is miraculous health benefits.

OKF’s Aloe Vera Juice is manufactured is South Korea and is produced with the finest species of Aloe Vera which has the best medicinal effects on all parts of the human body. OKF’s Aloe Vera Juice, which contains plenty of pulp, has a high contents of calcium, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

According to the Aloe Science Council, it has beneficial effects on the antibiotic functions, cell regeneration functions, skin supplementation, digestive system and also increases the metabolism function.

OKF Aloe Vera Offer Banner

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