August 2010 – CBBC Sparticles comes to film in-store!

CBBC Sparticles Film In-StoreIf you walked into our store on Wednesday, you may not have recognised it! Parts of our store had been magically transformed into a ‘Better Food’ supermarket for new CBBC series ‘Sparticles’!

Bamboo shoots made way for bananas, and lotus root for loo roll, as the set designers for new CBBC TV show, Sparticles, dressed our store to look like a deserted supermarket. The drama is set in a world with no adults, and asks what the world would be like if children were in charge of the world.

If you were shopping with us whilst the cameras were rolling, we hope that filming did not cause too much inconvenience, but rather gave you something different to see while picking up your groceries!

We eagerly await the appearance of ‘Sparticles’ on TV, and hope that Wai Yee Hong doesn’t outshine the young stars of the show too much!

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