Fresh Asia Dumplings – Sep & Oct 2015

We love dumplings. Luckily for us, and for you, the friendly guys at Fresh Asia are coming in to give tastings on their convenient and delicious frozen dumplings, on 26-27th September 2015, and 10-11th October 2015.

Fresh Asia Dumplings

Pop in-store on these dates and you can try this popular Chinese food, from Fresh Asia Foods. Jiaozi are also known as potstickers or gyoza. They are tasty parcels which can be boiled or fried, and can have many different fillings, such as Pork & Chives, Chicken & Mushroom and Pork & Coriander.

What Fresh Asia say about their dumplings:

“As the United Kingdom leader of traditional Northern style dumplings, Fresh Asia Foods has always insisted on “refinement, innovative, delicious and healthy” principle. We are committed to exploring and enhancing our technology in dumpling making and its cultural appeal.”

Click here to learn more about Chinese jiaozi.


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