New Products Online – 03-Oct-14

We’ve continued to add more new products to our online store; just in time for the first few weeks at university! As is the case every time we add new stock items, there are some additions that we feel warrant more of your attention. Here are a few that caught our eye:

Lee Kum Kee Premium XO SauceLee Kum Kee Premium XO Sauce

It is believed that the name for XO sauce comes from XO cognac, as it lends its luxury product status to this delicious spicy seafood sauce/chilli oil, popular in Hong Kong. It contains dried scallops and dried shrimps which are cooked up with chilli peppers and oil to create an addictively savoury sauce. Try it on your rice, with noodle dishes or as a stir-fry condiment for meat, vegetables, seafood and tofu dishes.

For more ideas on how to cook with Lee Kum Kee XO sauce, check out their Youtube channel:

YumYum Instant Noodles

We’ve added more flavours for this popular noodle brand to our online shelves: Beef, Chicken, Duck, Shrimp and Vegetable. These make a tasty and inexpensive snack or small meal and are ideal for an easy lunch, camping or midnight snack! No cooking is required; simply cover with boiling water and leave to steep for a few minutes.

YumYum Instant NoodlesImperial Choice Premium Oolong Tea (Malu Mie)

Imperial Choice Premium Oolong Tea (Malu Mie)

This semi-fermented ‘Monkey Pick Tea’ is one of a series of new premium loose teas that we’re stocking from Imperial Choice and Way Choy. From bright and astringent Green Tea, to more mellow Oolongs, and into complex deep red Pu’Erh, you should always be able to find something to your liking. Enjoyed in China for thousands of years, tea has become deeply ingrained in Chinese culture and is considered one of the seven necessities for Chinese life!

Wong Lo Kat Chinese Herbal Tea Multipack

Been eating too many ‘heaty’ foods? Perhaps you’ve been going for Chinese steamboat (hotpot) and singing Karaoke too much? This drink is your new best friend. Believed to help re-balance the Yin and Yang in the body, this ‘cooling’ tea will apparently counteract the ‘Yang’ caused by too many nights of excess! Wong Lo Kat is a household name in China, and as a prepared beverage, tastes like a sweetened herbal tea. This multipack means that you should always find some on hand for emergency ‘cooling’. Whether or not it works, is up to you to decide, but surely the millions of Chinese people who drink it can’t be wrong?

Wong Lo Kat Chinese Herbal Tea MultipackLao Gan Ma Oil Chilli Condiment With Mushroom

Lao Gan Ma Oil Chilli Condiment With Mushroom

We’re huge fans of the Lao Gan Ma range of sauces and oils so when the lady with sombre face makes another chilli oil for us to try, we’re going to be first on board! This ‘fragrant mushroom’ chilli oil would make a great dipping oil, use as a condiment for noodle and rice dishes, or to add to stir-fries or marinades. We wholeheartedly recommend you try other sauces in the Lao Gan Ma range too.

Other products we like the look of

Deli Coco Coconut ChunksMarukome Miso Yaki Barbecue MarinadesAloeV Aloe Vera DrinkMeiji Apollo
  • Deli Coco Coconut Chunks – Delicious baked chunks of coconut in various flavours, including honey, chilli and caramel. To see what we thought of them, take a look at: Brand Spotlight – Deli Coco.
  • Marukome Miso Yaki Barbecue Marinades – If you’ve ever wanted to boost up the savoury flavour in your barbecue marinades, we think we’ve found the answer. These Miso Yaki marinades from Marukome come in two flavours; one for meat, and the other for fish and seafood, and will add a sweet tangy miso flavour to your dishes.
  • AloeV Aloe Vera Drink – We love drinks you can chew, whether they be tapioca balls, nata de coco, or aloe vera. These AloeV drinks come in peach and white grape flavours.
  • Meiji Apollo – This is likely to be one for the kids. Bright pink chocolate in the shape of mini rockets, it’s SO KAWAII!


Take a look at some of the other products that have been recently added to our online store:


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