New Products Online – 04-Jun-15

We’ve been overcome by the number of new lines we’ve seen in the store over the last few weeks. We almost can’t keep up! Here are our favourites from the latest batch of new products we’ve added to our online store:

Crispy Seaweed (Thai Curry Crab Flavour)

The Tao Kae Noi brand of seaweed snacks is extremely popular and we think the newest flavours of Thai Curry Crab, and Sriracha Chilli Sauce will go down well. Have a taste and let us know what you think!

Crispy Seaweed (Thai Curry Crab Flavour) Japanese Style Sliced Noodles

Japanese Style Sliced Noodles

Only recently, Lizzie Mabbot, of Hollow Legs blog, and author of Chinatown Kitchen was waxing lyrical about dried knife-cut style noodles. The frilly noodles make them great for mopping up sauces and apparently, feel like they’re stroking your mouth when you’re eating them, if that’s your kind of thing. We’ve just stocked a new brand of frilly noodle, that we think you might like.

Shui Po Cakes

Feeling nostalgic yet? These dry puffy cakes will have featured in the childhood of many. Their fluffy dry texture may have you reaching for a glass of water, but we used to have great fun asking ‘what number comes after 1?’ when someone had just popped on in their mouth, to enjoy the resulting cookie crumb dust explosion.

Shui Po CakesTempura Seaweed (Curry Flavour)

Tempura Seaweed (Curry Flavour)

There’s a reason why we call it #SeaweedCrack, and now it comes in curry flavour too. Highly addictive, it’s easy to finish the whole pack in one sitting, rendering the resealable zipper completely pointless (probably why they’ve removed it for this Curry flavour pack).

Franzzi Green Tea Cookies (Matcha)

Japanese green tea has a slightly bitter but fresh flavour that makes it a popular addition to many sweet baked goods. Try these new Sunssi Green Tea Cookies (and Green Tea Crisp Pillows) for a different flavour with your cup of tea.

Lotus Roots With Chilli

Do you like pickles as much as we do? We’re eyeing up the new line of pickles from YuMei, which we can’t wait to enjoy with a nice bowl of rice, or with some noodles. These Lotus Roots With Chilli are pariticularly appealing.

Take a look at some of the other products that have been recently added to our online store:


Did you know?

We not only add new products to our online store, but also continually update descriptions, ingredient lists and images for existing products. We believe that you should have access to the most up-to-date information about the items you are buying, wherever possible. Over the last year, we have updated the images and descriptions to over 1,000 products!

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