New Products Online – 04-Sep-15

This month we’ve have so many new products flooding onto our shelves, that we could barely keep up. We’ll only show you several that caught our eye, so if you want to see what else has come onto our shelves recently, take a look at our online shop.

Sichuan Style Dandan Noodles

We love seeing #PackagingPeople on our product packaging, and this is no exception. This Sichuan style dan dan noodle comes from popular Hong Kong noodle brand, Sau Tao. The man pictured is Hong Kong actor and comedian, Eric Tsang, who has been the face of Sau Tao for many years.

Sau Tao Dandan NoodlesChaokoh Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil (100%)

Coconut oil is believed to have many benefits to health and beauty, and this virgin coconut oil is best quality and is recommended by the manufacturers as a supplement, cooking ingredient, for massage, and as a facial cleanser.

Teddy Marshmallows (Chocolate)

One for the kids, or those who are young at heart. Marshmallows are already great, but when in the shape of teddy bears, how could you resist? We’ve just started stocking these Corniche products, which include fun marshmallow shapes, and tasty fruit jellies with nata de coco.

Corniche Teddy Marshmallows (Chocolate)Shii Fure Dried Beancurd Snack Dougan

Dried Beancurd Dougan (BBQ Barbecue Flavour)

Dried tofu products are very popular in asia, and these are flavoured and great for snacking. These Shii Fure brand dougan snacks come in 9 flavours: Barbecue, BBQ Beef, Black Pepper, Hot Chilli, Mala Spicy, Mushroom, Roast Pork, Satay, Stewed Pork.

Taiwan Banana Milk Drink

Taiwan banana milk drink has arrived in the UK! The popularity of banana milk spread, along with K-pop, from Korea and now Taiwan has it’s own take on it too. We love the simple design on this product. Simply chill and serve.

Famous House Taiwan Banana Milk DrinkFruity Strawberry Taste Pocky

Fruity Pocky Strawberry Taste Coated Biscuits

Pocky gets a premium feel with this real-fruit flakes strawberry pocky. If strawberry is your favourite flavour Pocky, then be prepared to have the berry amped up in this very grown-up version of your favourite treat.

Other items that deserve a mention:

Golden Sail White Tea IMEI Green Tea Cream Wafers Thai Coco Coconut Drink Mango

China White Tea (20 Teabags)

We have some beautiful teas in-stock from Golden Sail – loose leaves, and convenient tea bags. White Tea, Pu’Erh Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Jasmine Tea – the list goes on!

Green Tea Cream Wafers

We love green tea flavour for everything, and these IMEI cream wafers are no exception. Also available in new Sesame flavour too!

Coconut Drink (Mango)

Coconut water is given a new spin with these flavoured coconut drinks from Thai Coco. Flavours include Strawberry & Banana, Banana, and Mango.

Take a look at some of the other products that have been recently added to our online store:


Did you know?

We have catalogued over 11,000 products over the years, and with over 3,500 products live at any one time, we have the widest choice of oriental food items available online in the UK!

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