New Products Online – 08-Mar-16

We’ve been busy working hard over the last few months, and we’ve added hundreds of new products to our online store. From vegan-friendly (and gluten-free!) condensed and evaporated coconut milk – perfect for baking and cooking treats for those on a special diet, to Sriracha Chilli Mayonnaise – great to have on your fries!

Here are a few of our top picks from our most recent additions, all with the added bonus of being suitable for vegetarians and vegans:

Manora Uncooked Taro Chips

These Taro Chips are so intriguing. Similar to prawn crackers, simply deep fry in hot oil until puffed up for a tasty treat suitable for everyone, including vegetarians. What’s more, these Manora crackers are also available in Pumpkin flavour too.

Manora Taro ChipsJin Jin Classic Ramen Snack

Jin Jin Classic Ramen Snacks (Seaweed)

We think that seaweed flavoured ramen snacks are the snack for when you want to feel virtuous. Seaweed is good for you, right? These crunchy snacks are made of shaped ramen and seaweed, and with the cute bear on the packaging, how can you resist? If you like this, you should check out the Jin Jin barbecue flavour ramen snacks as well.

Mong Lee Shang Braised Cabbage & Bamboo Shoots

We’ve added to the impressive range of vegetarian-friendly tinned products from Mong Lee Shang, with this Braised Cabbage & Bamboo Shoots. Whether you’re vegetarian or not, everyone can enjoy this as a complete dish with rice or noodles.

Braised Cabbage & Bamboo ShootsDried Mock Beef Slices

Mong Lee Shang Dried Mock Beef Slices (Soy Protein)

Made from textured soy protein, these Dried Mock Beef Slices only require rehydrating before use in whatever stir fry or dish you are preparing. With Dried Mock Pork Slices available too, there are so many possibilities in the dishes you can create with these convenient soy protein products.

Honour Soybean Rolls

These soybean rolls are ready to cook, and will be a perfect addition to a hotpot. Dunk the rolls into the steaming broth and serve it while it’s still crisp. These soybean rolls look like they would be delicious added to a Chinese claypot stew too.

Soybean RollsVegetarian Meat Floss

Ru Yi Vegetarian Meat Floss (Soya)

This delicately spiced soya fluff mimics meat floss but is completely meat-free. Try it as a delicious addition to sandwiches, used as a sprinkle (furikake) on your rice, on your rice congee, or as a savoury cake filling (yes!).

FYN Purple Sweet Potato

Ever just walk down the street and wish you had some purple sweet potato to munch on? You’re in luck! We’ve just added this pack of prepared purple sweet potato, which is ready to eat out of the packet.

Purple Sweet PotatoPocky Blueberry

Pocky Fruity Blueberry Taste Coated Biscuits

We keep adding to our Pocky flavours, and the latest is this blueberry fruity flavour with real fruit flakes in it. This flavour has already been selling very well in-store, so you had better be quick!

Did you know?

We have over 3,500 Oriental products in our online store at any one time, which means we have the widest choice of Chinese and Oriental food items available online in the UK!

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