New Products Online – 09-Sep-14

In the last few weeks, we’ve added over 100 new products to our online store. These include more frozen dumplings and fishballs for our Local Delivery customers, as well as our new range of Miaow Miaow snacks.

Frozen Dim Sum & Fishballs

Have you eaten Chinese Dim Sum before? Lots of steamers piled high with delicious dumplings; each a bite-sized morsel of pastry with different fillings. Not only have we added more dumplings, but spring roll pastry, and fishballs too! Look out for our popular gua bao/Hirata buns as well.

Remember, we can only deliver perishable goods to addresses within 3 miles of our store. Check our Shipping & Returns page for more information on our Local Delivery Service.

Gua Bao - Hirata Bun Pork & Dill Jiaozi Sweet Custard Bun
Spring Roll Pastry Prawn & Chive Dumplings Searoy Chikuwa Fish Rolls

Wind Dried Duck

Wind Dried Duck is delicious simply steamed and served with white rice. The process of making wind dried duck begins with raw duck, which is marinated and then dried in order to cure it. After steaming, you get a delicious, dense intensely duck flavoured meat basted with its own fragrant oil. Place straight on top of your rice while cooking to infuse the rice with the delicious wind dried duck flavour! To serve, cut into pieces and scatter with chopped spring onions.

Chinese Wind Dried DuckKorean Citron Tea

Korean Yujacha (Yuzu Citron Tea)

Not so much a tea as a tasty marmalade made with Yuzu, a popular Asian citrus fruit. Simply spoon a few teaspoons into a mug and add boiling water to make a zesty cup of Yujacha. It is supposedly good for the throat, so keep it on hand after a late night karaoke session!

This delicious citrussy marmalade would be equally delicious incorporated into sweet desserts and cakes, or added to marinades for a punchy lemony flavour.

Matcha Latte

Matcha is a green tea powder that originated from Japan. Traditionally served simply whisked up with water, a modern take on matcha has seen the invention of the matcha latte; a creamy green tea flavoured drink. We like the look of this instant Matcha Latte drink because unlike in Asia, where you can get a Matcha Latte in pretty much any café, green tea flavoured drinks are still hard to come by in the UK!

Gold Kili Matcha LatteMiaow Miaow Hot & Spicy Prawn Crackers

Miaow Miaow Snacks

We’re stocking over a dozen of the new line of Miaow Miaow snacks from Malaysia. Choose from the usual suspects like prawn crackers and chicken flavoured snacks, to the more exotic green pea and anchovy flavours. Products conform to Malaysian Halal requirements.

Margaret Biscuits

“Margaret soft biscuits are rich with the warmth of motherly love!” From the popular Lotte brand, are these sweet cookies, which come individually wrapped, making them a convenient sweet treat to have on the go or in a lunchbox. We are stocking the peanut & almond flavour of this product.

Lotte Margaret BiscuitsFOCO Coconut Water 100%

Coconut Water

Popular amongst gym-goers, coconut water has become the new way to hydrate after working out. Apparently, the salts and minerals in coconut water make it a natural isotonic drink, leading to quicker re-hydration and better health. All we know is that we like it!

Take a look at some of the other products that have been recently added to our online store:


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