New Products Online – 12-Aug-14

We’re always adding dozens of new things to our online store every month, so we thought we might try something new and take a closer look at some of the new products that have arrived this week.

Sempio Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegars are popular as a healthy drink in Asia, where they are believed to stimulate the appetite, aid digestion, and have other good effects like detox the blood and skin. Some also believe it to help with those watching their weight, simply mixed with water and drunk regularly. If you’re not keen on drinking vinegar, it can also be used in many dishes, such as marinades, pickles and salads.

Sempio Apple VinegarNong Shim Chapaghetti Instant Noodles

Nong Shim Chapaghetti Instant Noodles

What happens when Western spaghetti collides with Eastern black soybean sauce (Chajang)? Nong Shim has created an instant version of the popular Korean dish ‘Chajangmyeon’, itself originally rooted in Chinese Zhajiangmian, and christened it ‘Chapaghetti’! Unlike many other instant noodles, the dish is not soup-based, which means the noodles are cooked and drained before stirring in the flavouring.

Mamee Monster Noodle Snack

This is a product that should bring back memories for many. A popular snack in the Far East, and Australia, Mamee Monster Snek Mi is not a ramen product you need to cook. Simply “Crunch it, shake it, much it!”

Mamee Monster Snek MiKoepoe-Koepoe Pandan Extract

Koepoe-Koepoe Pandan Extract

Pandan (Screwpine) is a fragrant plant that has a characteristic sweet aroma and is used in a lot of Asian cookery, in both savoury and sweet dishes. This ready pandan flavour means no mess and hassle of having to ground and squeeze the pandan leaves yourself. We like pandan flavouring in Malaysian kuih and in light and springy pandan chiffon cake!

Other products we like the look of

Lian's Bakuteh Spices

Lian’s Bakuteh Spices

Swanson Superior Broth Jinhua Ham

Swanson Superior Broth

Sunssi Green Tea Crisp Rolls

Sunssi Green Tea Rolls

  • Lian’s Nanyang Herbal Soup Bakuteh Spices is a ready measured pack for making famous ‘meat bone tea’ or Bakuteh, as it is known.
  • Swanson’s is a well-respected brand for stocks and broths.  This new addition is a Jinhua ham & chicken broth.
  • We’ve recently seen a lot of new Sunssi products arrive on our shelves. This green tea crisp roll sounds delicious!


Take a look at some of the other products that have been recently added to our online store:


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