New Products Online – 13-Apr-15

We can’t wait to share the newest additions to our product range with you! Dozens of new products are added to our online store each month, so you can always enjoy something new when shopping with us! Here, we take a look at several items that have caught our eye.

Chinatown Kitchen, Lizzie Mabbot

We’ve got a small collection of fantastic Chinese and Asian cookbooks available online. The newest addition is from the talented Lizzie Mabbot, whose new book, Chinatown Kitchen, meanders through the dishes of many countries in South East Asia. The book is written in her inimitable fun and chatty style, and shares stories from her youth, growing up in the bustling city of Hong Kong. Expect an introduction to key ingredients found in her Chinatown Kitchen, and recipes that span from China, to Korea, and Vietnam to Thailand.

Chinatown KitchenShirataki Konnyaku Rice

Shirataki Konnyaku Rice

Shirataki Yam noodles have been featured in newspaper headlines over the last few years, and have been popular with dieters around the world, as a low calorie noodle. Now you can buy the same product, but in rice form. Perfect for 5:2 dieters, or those wishing to consume fewer calories in their daily meals.

Meiji Mini Assorted Candies

Never short of kawaii, Japan brings us this adorable candy multipack. The cute packaging contains fruit and chocolate flavour sweets in crazy-fun Japanese style. This multipack means that you can have a taste of every type of candy. For the young, or young at heart; you decide!

Meiji Mini Assorted CandiesBelacan Shrimp Paste

Belacan Shrimp Paste

The smellier it is, the tastier it will be! This pungent fermented Malaysian shrimp paste is a vital flavour in many Asian dishes. To use, simply slice off the amount needed and roast up in the wok or grill under the grill (with all the windows open!) for an instant hit of umami.

Crystal Sugar Almond Powder

We’re intrigued with this new brand Kugi Foods, and their selection of instant drinks and cereals. These are convenient for a pick-me-up in the mid morning, or afternoon. Simply add hot water and stir. Also comes in Yam Black Bean Powder and Mixed Cereal flavours.

Crystal Sugar Almond PowderHot Pepper Bean Paste (Sunchang Gochujang)

Hot Pepper Bean Paste (Sunchang Gochujang)

Korea’s most famous export, besides kimchi, is gochujang. This savoury spicy chilli bean paste is used in many Korean dishes, and can be used to add a punchy Korean flavour wherever it is needed.

Scotch Puree Berry Essence Plus Vitamins

Our Thai customers will be familiar with this brand of health supplements. We are now stocking the Scotch Puree Berry and Scotch Collagen-Aora. Made with fruits and goji berries, the Puree Berry Essence claims to be high in 14 vitamins and minerals.

Scotch Puree Berry Essence Plus Vitamins Vegetarian Seaweed Flakes

Vegetarian Seaweed Flakes

You may not know this, but the Chinese Supermarket is a great place for finding vegetarian and vegan-friendly products. Whether you use tofu, or try the canned gluten products and frozen vegetarian shrimps, you should always be able to find something to add variety to a non-meat diet. Our latest favourite is this vegetarian soy fluff with seaweed flakes.

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