New Products Online – 21-Mar-17

We’ve been itching to tell you about all our new additions to the online shop, but we’re snowed under just trying to keep on top of the growing pile of new arrivals! We’ve added hundreds of new products over the last few months, with many more in our ‘to do’ pile, so keep checking on our ‘New Products‘ to see what’s just arrived.

Nong Shim Farmer’s Heart Red Chili Pepper Powder (Medium Hot Gochugaru)

With so much interest in Korean foods at the moment, we’re working on increasing our range of Korean offerings, including this gochugaru. Use it to add a bit of spicy flavour and punch to your kimchi, or add to sauces, marinades and jigae (stews).

Nong Shim Red Chili Pepper Powder GochugaruDarlie Double Action Toothpaste

Darlie Double Action Toothpaste (Original Strong Mint)

Rebranded from it’s previously somewhat controversial name, Darlie toothpaste is a favourite toothpaste brand for East Asia. This multipack offers greater value for money, for the familiar taste of your favourite toothpaste.

Wan Ja Shan Bonito Soy Sauce

This mentsuyu is perfect if you don’t have the time to make up your own. Serve by diluting to taste and dipping in chilled soba noodles, use as as a base for your noodle dishes, cooking vegetables and meat, or drizzle over steamed vegetables or beancurd for an easy dish.

Wan Ja Shan Bonito Soy SauceYu Jia Xiang Fried Dace

Yu Jia Xiang Fried Dace

Tinned fried dace is now allowed back into the UK. After a hiatus of many years, one of our suppliers has now been able to import this for us. Delicious steamed and served simply as a dish with your bowl of rice! We also have Fried Dace With Salted Black Beans for added salty umami flavour.

Mamee Monster Noodles Snek Mi (Spicy)

We’ve added spicy flavour to our range of Mamee Monster Snek Mi snacks. Popular as a convenient snack, simply crunch the noodles, sprinkle on the seasoning and shake it up before munching it. This item is also available in Chicken and BBQ flavours.

Mamee Monster Noodles Snek Mi (Spicy)Foco Coconut Water with Pink Guava

Foco Coconut Water with Pink Guava

We can’t wait to try this coconut water flavoured with pink guava. Coconut water is believed to be very good for hydration, so some people will drink this after their workout at the gym. The carton comes with a screw cap for easy pour and resealing if you’re not drinking it all at once.

Good Appetite Mille Feuille (Oat)

Oats are good for your heart right? This mille-feuille oat biscuit looks like a light and crisp flaky biscuit. We can’t wait to crack open a pack to try for ourselves.

Good Appetite Mille Feuille (Oat)Mei Yuan White Prune Powder

Mei Yuan White Prune Powder

This versatile ingredient can be used to marinate meats or fruit and vegetables for a distinctive tangy flavour of preserved plum. Try serving it as a dipping powder for fruits, or adding it to your marinade for Chinese steamed pork ribs.

Did you know?

We’re always working on updating and adding to our catalogue of over 3,500 Oriental products in our online store. We strive to ensure our customers get the widest choice of Chinese and Oriental food items available online in the UK and the most up-to-date information we can provide!

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