New Products Online – 21-May-15

Another day, another load of new products uploaded to our online store! Here, we pick our favourites for this month, and take a look at them in a bit more detail.

Boro Kuih Bankit

We have this traditional cookie enjoyed in many Asian countries in two sizes and two flavours – original coconut, and pandan coconut. Often eaten during festival times, these biscuits melt on the tongue and leave a fragrant coconut flavour in your mouth. We like the smaller packs for snacking, and the larger packs are great for when you have guests.

Boro Kuih BankitTaro Chips (Khoaimon Say)

Taro Chips (Khoaimon Say)

We like the idea of these taro chips. We can pretend we’re getting our daily veg intake while snacking, which surely cannot be a bad thing. If you’ve not encountered it before, taro is a starchy potato-like vegetable with a delicate taste, which is enjoyed throughout Asia. This pack is made by Balomi, who also do equally delicious jackfruit chips.

Roasted Wings Flavored Crisps

Western crisp flavours can seem so tame sometimes. Wai Yee Hong stocks lots of interesting flavours like pizza, lobster, grilled eel and our newest addition: roasted chicken wings flavour!

Potato Chips (Roasted Wings Honey Savoury) Mamee Monster Snek Mi Noodle Snack (BBQ)

Mamee Monster Snek Mee

We received a new supply of Mamee Monster in chicken and BBQ flavours – the snack that has been enjoyed by many during their childhood. They proved to be so popular that no sooner than we added them, they sold out! To eat, simply sprinkle the flavour sachet into the noodles, crunch the noodles up, shake it, and then munch!

Kung Fu Dumplings

Made in the UK, using British pork, and chicken, Kung Fu Dumplings are a new addition of ready-made jiaozi to our store. Convenient to keep in the freezer, for those dinner emergencies, they can be cooked from frozen and ready in minutes for a satisfying meal. Selected flavours will also be on offer until 8th June 2015, and food tastings will be held in-store on 30-31 May 2015, so it’s a great time to try them!

Dumplings (Pork & Chinese Leaf) (Jiaozi Gyoza) Instant Beancurd Miso Soup Cup (Tofu)

Ajishima Miso Soup Cup

The popular Ajishima miso soups are now available in cup-format. We think this is a great way to enjoy your miso soup in the office, or on the go. Three flavours are available: Tofu, mushroom and spinach.

Take a look at some of the other products that have been recently added to our online store:


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