New Products Online – 27-Nov-15

What’s new? We have dozens of new lines added to our store and we think you might like the look of some of them. Let’s have a look at some of our favourites, shall we?

Chinese Cooking Wine Sauce (Ginger & Spring Onion Flavour)

Already proving to be a popular line, this cooking wine is infused with ginger, spring onion and other spices to add extra flavour to stir fries and other dishes. We think this would be a delicious ingredient to use in ‘drunken’ dishes.

Chinese Cooking Wine Sauce (Ginger & Spring Onion Flavour)Crown Sando Biscuits

Crown Sando Biscuits Strawberry Cream Cheese)

Pretty packaging as ever from Korea, in the form of these Crown Sando biscuits. These snacks come in strawberry cream cheese flavour, or sweet milk. These beautifully boxed biscuits would make a nice gift, or just a lovely treat for yourself.

Hello Panda Biscuits (Matcha Green Tea Cream Filling)

Already a popular with children and young people, Hello Panda gets a more grown up flavour, in this matcha flavoured cream biscuit. This slightly bitter tea flavoured biscuit is likely to go down well with the Japanophiles and those who like the grassy, bitter flavour of green tea.

Hello Panda Biscuits (Matcha Green Tea Cream Filling)Peanut Crisps (Kacang Tumbuk)

Peanut Crisps (Kacang Tumbuk)

Called Kacang Tumbuk in Malay, these crumbly and delicious morsels from Malaysia are made of peanut. There are only three ingredients in these peanut crisps and we think that it is their simplicity that means we can’t stop eating them.

Wholegrain Korean Cracker (Hot Spicy)

Wholegrain basically means they’re good for you, right? We think these crisp-like snacks from Korea are going to have a nice chilli tingle to them, and can’t wait to pull them out when guests come round.

Wholegrain Korean Cracker (Hot Spicy)Want More Mini Bread Snacks (Cheese)

Want More Mini Bread Snacks (Cheese)

We’re of the firm belief that everything tastes better in miniature, and cheesy bready bites are no exception. Maybe it’s (not so) subliminal marketing, but we already “Want More”, and we’ve not even tried them yet.

Gluten Free Light Soy SaucePanda Brand Gluten Free Oyster Sauce

Gluten Free Light Soy Sauce & Panda Brand Gluten Free Oyster Sauce

If you’re on a gluten-free diet, we can understand how sometimes it’s tricky to get the ingredients you need for Chinese cookery. We are pleased to announce that we now have two popular sauces from popular brand, Lee Kum Kee, which you can enjoy. Stalwarts of the Chinese kitchen cupboard, Light Soy Sauce and Oyster Sauce, provide the basis of many Chinese (and other Asian) dishes and are now available in Gluten Free versions from Lee Kum Kee. We hope that if you are gluten-free, you will come in to buy this, so that we can keep these lines in stock for you!

Did you know?

We have over 3,500 Oriental products in our online store at any one time, which means we have the widest choice of Chinese and Oriental food items available online in the UK!

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