New Products Online – June 2018

We’ve added over 1,100 new products to our website in the last year, and we continue to update our product listings everyday. With so many new lines coming in all the time, it can be tricky to keep on top of them, however, we’ve pulled out a few of the most interesting new products added in the last month:

A1 Instant Noodles (Curry Laksa Vermicelli) (咖哩叻沙米粉)

Laksa is a famous Peranakan spicy noodle dish popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. If you fancy spicy flavours in your noodle soup, you can now cook it instantly at home. Try these A1 Instant Curry Laksa noodles, which come with either wheat noodles, or rice vermicelli. Make your bowl of noodles into a feast by adding vegetables and seafood or fishcake and tofu.

A1 Instant Noodles (Curry Laksa Vermicelli)Hanil Soba Noodles

Hanil Soba Noodles (日式冷麵)

We love the look of these delicious soba noodles. Typically served cold, these make a refreshing meal on a hot summer day. Simply cook the noodles and then rinse well with plenty of icy water and drain. Dip the noodles in the mentsuyu (dipping sauce) to enjoy mouthfuls of cool, tasty buckwheat noodles. We love the look of the other noodles in this range too.

Sipso Sticky Rice Pudding (泰式糯米布丁)

This sticky black rice pudding from Thailand simply mixes coconut with sugar and sticky rice to create a handy dessert. It is ready to eat out of the pot, but we recommend serving it chilled or warmed in the microwave. Check out the tapioca pudding too.

Sipso Sticky Rice PuddingHeera Basil Seeds (Tukmaria)

Heera Basil Seeds (Tukmaria) (羅勒籽)

Sweet basil seeds are also known as Tukmaria or Sabja seeds, and are often touted as a ‘superfood’. They are believed to be very good for the body, such as having anti-inflammatory effects, being a good source of antioxidants, helping to control blood sugar levels as well as promote good brain health. These seeds are most commonly used as a diet aid or appetite suppressant. When added to water, the seeds create a gel around themselves which some believe, when consumed, can help with appetite control. This is just one of the dozens of new Heera brand products that we have recently started to stock.

Samyang Instant Noodles (Hot Chicken “Ice Type”) (三養超辣雞肉味拌冷麵)

Spicy chicken noodles have become all the rage lately, and the latest product is this “Ice Type” spicy noodle. We’re intrigued to know what makes this spicy noodle icy as well as spicy. If you try it, let us know how you get on – that is, if your tongue hasn’t been burnt off by the spiciness.

Samyang Instant Noodles (Hot Chicken "Ice Type") Supreme Thai Hom Nin Rice Pasta

Supreme Thai Hom Nin Rice Pasta (泰式黑香米粉条)

These Thai rice pasta noodles look lovely, with their pinky-purple hue. The noodles do not contain any artificial colourings, but rather the black rice used to make them, give them their glorious colour. Who knows; maybe unicorn noodles will become a new food trend? There are also white rice and brown rice noodles in this range.

Did you know?

Our online product catalogue now has over 4,000 lines, and we’re still updating product listings and adding new things all the time. We work hard to ensure our customers get the widest choice of Chinese and Oriental food items available online in the UK and the most up-to-date information we can provide!

Here are some of the other products that have been recently added to our online store:


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