Prima Taste Tastings Nov 2014

Have you tried the new Prima Taste Easy Gourmet Indulgence noodles range yet? We shall be having tastings of the Laksa and Singapore Curry noodles on Sunday 23rd November 2014, and Sunday 30th November 2014. If you’ve yet to taste them, you will be able to see for yourself why this product has been featured as the Number 1 noodle in:

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Prima Taste Singapore Curry NoodlesPrima Taste Singapore Laksa Noodles

What they say:

“Indulge in this new experience ~ Aromatic Prima Taste Laksa gravy with silky, steamed and air-dried noodles. Every bite is as good as traditional noodles. Every aroma and texture is an ode to the authentic taste of Singapore, and a full gourmet meal.”

What we think:

These are not like ordinary instant noodles. Bigger than your standard noodle packet, these come with a sachet of curry paste and a sachet of coconut milk powder. Once cooked, the noodles have a wonderful texture – these are real noodles; not instant noodles. We like the Laksa flavour the best. It has a deep aromatic flavour, and the rich and filling soup has a delicious creaminess from the coconut milk powder.

Prima Taste Singapore Laksa LaMian – How to cook:


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