Seleco Tastings – 19-20 Mar 2016

We are pleased to invite Seleco for in-store tastings on 19-20 March 2016! They create delicious Seaweed based snacks, by roasting or special frying, resulting in products with over 20% lower oil content in their products than other brands. In addition to their food tastings, look out for special offers on their products, available in-store 19-20 March 2016 only.

Seleco Nori OriginalSeleco Nori Spicy

Seleco have a wide variety of seaweed snacks including their classic crispy ‘Nori’ seaweed snacks, ‘Rolling Bite’ and their tasty ‘Sandwich’ snacks with added seeds and nuts:


Fried crispy seaweed snack produced from well-selected seaweed and flavored with extra appetizing seasonings with no MSG added.

Rolling Bite

with new unique taste from various flavors, including distinctive roasting technique that produced “Seleco Rolling Bite” is a very crunchy snack with no MSG added. “Seleco”, the fat free healthy snack that comes with great taste!


Roasted seasoned seaweed sandwich with almond, pumpkin seed and sesame. And distinctive characteristic with its roasting technic and unique taste by using the premium good taste of seasoning and also have the fat free healthy snack that comes with great taste!

Seleco Banner

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