UPCC Green Update July 2011

Under Privileged Children's CharityAll proceeds from our 5p carrier bag levy and collection pots in-store go directly to the Under Privileged Childrens Charity (UPCC). So far this year, we have raised almost £350 for the Under Privileged Children’s Charity (UPCC)!

Since we started this initiative, we have raised over £2000 for charity, and our customers have re-used the equivalent of over 135,000 plastic carrier bags!
The average plastic carrier bag is used for five minutes, but takes 500 years to decompose.DEFRA, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

Did you know? Our online store sends orders packed in cardboard boxes recycled from our supermarket, with packaging materials that are also re-used! Please keep the chain going by recycling these items, where possible, when they get to you!

The UPCC is a local charity. They operate with no paid officials, meaning that every single penny donated is used to help those in need. All monies raised go to helping children in need within 25 miles from the centre of Bristol, who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

Please consider supporting the Under Privileged Children’s Charity (UPCC) (Charity No. 1365577) in helping underprivileged children in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

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