Wai Yee Hong 40th – Pearl River Bridge (PRB)

Naturally brewed for a real authentic taste, Pearl River Bridge is one of our favourite brands for soy sauce. To celebrate our 40th anniversary, the following Pearl River Bridge products will be available at 10% off – both in-store and online:

Not only this, but in-store we will be taking £1 off each of these wholesale Pearl River Bridge products:

  • Pearl River Bridge Superior Light Soy Sauce 8lt Drum – Was £11.95
  • Special Anniversary Price ONLY £10.95!
  • Pearl River Bridge Superior Dark Soy Sauce 8lt Drum – was £12.50
  • Special Anniversary Price ONLY £11.50!

PRB was established in 1958 as the first and leading brand of soy sauce exporter in China. PRB has been dedicating to delivering the traditional and authentic soy sauce to every customer all over the world with a glorious history. PRB has earned recognition from consumers in over 100 countries by providing one-stop services for worldwide families, the catering industry and food manufacturing, and is gradually becoming the messenger between orient and eastern catering culture. The legend of PRB has evolved for over half a century with its tasty delicacies.

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