Wai Yee Hong, Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese Lion Dance CostumesThank-you to the many hundreds of visitors who came out to celebrate Chinese New Year with us on 21st Feb 2015! This year, we welcomed the Year of the Sheep (sometimes also known as the Year of the Ram, or Goat). This is believed to be a peaceful year, and a time for healing and making amends.

Visitors were treated to fabulous stalls in the festive market, with delicious street food served up by Ah-Ma’s Dumplings, Rib Street, Gopal’s Curry Shack, and our own pastry and bubble tea stall. Meanwhile our many young visitors were delighted with the facepainting from Wow Faces, colourful paper dragons and balloons.

Students from the local Chinese school performed traditional Chinese scarf dances and sang New Year songs, while Street Envy provided a modern twist to the celebrations with their urban-style dance sets.

Chinese Scarf Dance Yi Quin Lion Dance Troupe showed their skill in martial arts by demonstrating their tai chi and drunken kung fu, before unveiling their two brand new lion dance costumes. The new costumes needed to be blessed by the Sky God in a lion awakening ceremony, before they could perform. Thankfully, the Sky God was looking down on us as we were blessed with two lively and energetic lions who entertained the crowd with their animal mannerisms and powerful martial arts.

If you managed to take a good picture at our Chinese New Year celebrations, why not enter our #ILoveCNY competition?

Wai Yee Hong would like to thank all of our customers again for celebrating with us, and for supporting us for all these years! Gong Hei Fat Choi!

Chinese New Year Crowds

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