Wai Yee Hong Sushi Demo May 2013

We were honoured when our long-time friend and customer, Yuji, agreed to come in store and demonstrate how to make sushi to our customers. Our sushi demonstration stand attracted a lot of interested customers who had plenty of questions for him!

Customers were treated to delicious california rolls, nigirizushi, hosomaki and even a few temaki too!

We hope that you enjoyed “Sushi Sunday”. We hope to continue having more fun events at Wai Yee Hong, so keep an eye out on our twitter and facebook for details

Yuji has had over 25 years in the industry. He has previously run a popular Japanese restaurant in Clifton, as well as providing services as a private chef.

Want to find out a little more about sushi? Take a look at our beginners guide to sushi here: Sushi – Just a load of raw fish?

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