Chinese Zodiac – Year of the Dog

Year of the DogThe traditional Chinese Zodiac features 12 animals, each believed to bestow their characteristics to those born in their year: The Rat (鼠), Ox (牛), Tiger (虎), Rabbit (兔), Dragon (龍), Snake (蛇), Horse (馬), Sheep (羊), Monkey (猴), Rooster (雞), Dog (狗), Pig (豬). This is a horoscope for the Year of the Dog.

Dog horoscope for the coming year:

If you are born in the Year of the Dog, it is believed that you are fiercely loyal, easygoing and approachable. Dogs tackle the difficulties of daily life without fear and are honest and kind in their dealings with other people, which means that they are well liked and usually get on with most people. Sometimes however, their stubborness and emotional nature can mean that they can be quick to anger and criticise others, causing friction.

Dogs make good workers, due to their general good nature, however they tend not to go beyond what is expected of them. Impressing others is not what matters for Dogs, as they would rather have their freedom to spend their time as they choose. Their happy and active nature leads them to have good health in general, and they rarely suffer from illnesses and colds.

According to Chinese astrology, it is believed that you are more likely to offend the gods in your own zodiac year, which means that you are more likely to suffer bad fortune. Dogs should be more careful during this year, for example; taking care when handling sharp objects to avoid unexpected injuries, and to pay closer attention to your health.

The Year of the Dog is set to be an eventful year, and will be a positive time to start a new business, or make lifestyle changes such as moving house or changing jobs. Just as the Dog is honest and fair so is the year, and money will come more readily to those who are honest in their dealings. Similarly, being generous and selfless towards others will yield success and joy in love and in work. All signs would do well to put family first and use their skills of empathy and sensitivity to get the most out of this Dog Year.

Chinese New Year Customs Chinese Zodiac

Here are a few things that you can do to celebrate Chinese New Year:

  • Make sure you sweep and clean your house before the New Year and not during it, as you don’t want to sweep out your good luck!
  • Eat together with family and friends at a reunion dinner at the end of the year.
  • Eat lucky-sounding foods, such as large mandarin oranges and fish to ensure that you have luck and wealth.
  • Wear bright coloured clothing (preferably new, and red) to scare away evil spirits.

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