Chinese Zodiac – Year of the Monkey

The Chinese Zodiac features 12 animals: The Rat (鼠), Ox (牛), Tiger (虎), Rabbit (兔), Dragon (龍), Snake (蛇), Horse (馬), Sheep (羊), Monkey (猴), Rooster (雞), Dog (狗), Pig (豬). It is believed that each animal bestows certain personality traits to those born in their year. This is a horoscope for the Year of the Monkey.

Year of the Monkey

Monkey horoscope for the coming year:

Those born under the Monkey sign are said to be intelligent, cheerful and creative. Their wisdom and charisma means that they often make good leaders, but they can also be egotistical and snobby, with others perceiving them to be selfish and cunning. Monkeys have agile minds and their ability to solve problems can mean that they are talented and successful in their careers and working life. However while they have some enviable positive character traits, they can often be quick-tempered which means that do not always have as much success as you might imagine.

In your own zodiac year, it is believed that you are more likely to offend the gods, which means if you are born under this sign you should take extra care to avoid misfortune. Take care when handling knives and other sharp items to avoid any unexpected injuries, and to pay closer attention to your health during your year.

As the Monkey sign is linked to metal, the Year of the Monkey means that we should expect more dealings with finances. Just like the mischievous creature, the year will prove to be unpredictable, changeable and one in which anything can happen. Try to be flexible in order to keep up with the changing situations and perhaps you’ll find that the Monkey’s influence will help you to take a calculated risk or start something new.

Chinese New Year Customs Chinese Zodiac

Here are a few things that you can do to celebrate Chinese New Year:

  • Clean your house and business before the New Year to clear out bad luck, and make room for good luck.
  • Celebrate the end of the previous year at a reunion dinner with family and friends.
  • Eat lucky foods such as large mandarin oranges and fish to ensure that you have luck and wealth in the new year.
  • Wear new, bright coloured clothing (preferably red) to scare away the evil spirits.

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