Chinese Zodiac – Year of the Dragon

Year of the DragonIn Chinese culture, each year is attributed to one of 12 animals: The Rat (鼠), Ox (牛), Tiger (虎), Rabbit (兔), Dragon (龍), Snake (蛇), Horse (馬), Sheep (羊), Monkey (猴), Rooster (雞), Dog (狗), Pig (豬). It is believed that each animal bestows certain personality traits to those born in their year.

A dragon year will be tend to be marked by excitement and great energy. This also means you should prepare yourself for a year of unpredictability and drama; like the thunder and rain that are inextricably linked with the mythology of the Chinese dragon! Some say that dragon years are the best for starting new businesses or projects, as this benevolent creature brings fortune and luck.

Dragon horoscope for the coming year:

As a dragon, you are a passionate and brave personality. You tend to act now, think later, yet tend to be blessed with good fortune and land on your feet. You should double your efforts in whatever you do, and your natural talent and abilities will be revealed, with great results. However, you should keep that quick-temper under control, to prevent your hard-efforts from being spoiled!

Chinese New Year Customs

It is believed that one must start the year as they mean to carry on. Here are a few ideas on how to start the year on the right note:

  • Do not argue or raise your voice to anyone to ensure a peaceful year.
  • Don’t use scissors and knives early into the New Year as you may end up cutting your good luck short!
  • Visit family and friends, to ensure that you have friends and family in your life throughout the year.
  • Wear new clothes, to symbolise a new start and so that you might always have clothes to wear.
  • Clean the house before New Year to sweep out bad luck and welcome good luck.
  • Eat well. Eating lotus roots means that you will have food to eat every year, whilst eating prawns mean that you will have a year of joy and happiness.

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