Chinese Zodiac – Year of the Ox

Year Of The Ox

The traditional Chinese Zodiac features 12 animals, each believed to bestow their characteristics to those born in their year: The Rat (鼠), Ox (牛), Tiger (虎), Rabbit (兔), Dragon (龍), Snake (蛇), Horse (馬), Sheep (羊), Monkey (猴), Rooster (雞), Dog (狗), Pig (豬). This is a horoscope for the Year of the Ox.

Ox horoscope for the coming year:

Oxen are believed to be diligent, hardworking and loyal. If you are born a Chinese Ox, it is believed that you will have strength of character which allows you to persevere in the face of adversity. Oxen are honest and faithful, meaning that they are well-liked. They are glad to help and contribute positively to their local communities and society as a whole. While Oxen can work dutifully, never looking to gain praise, this can mean that their talents can be hidden at times and they may not be given the opportunities to excel.

Their strong and steady nature makes Oxen good leaders. They are able to think logically and objectively when making decisions. Oxen can sometimes be a little too strong-willed though; unwilling to be flexible and holding others to their impossibly high standards. They can be stubborn and will continue to walk the path they have chosen, even when an easier one is available. This can mean that their lives can be full of struggles, if they are unwilling to compromise or ‘go with the flow’.

According to Chinese astrology, it is believed that you are more likely to offend the gods in your own zodiac year, which means that you are more likely to suffer bad fortune. Oxen should be more careful during this year, for example; taking care when handling sharp objects to avoid unexpected injuries, and to pay closer attention to your health.

The Year of the Ox will be one in which we will all be held to the Ox’s high standards. You will need to double your efforts to reap the rewards in this year. The steady nature and calming influence of the Ox will give this year more predictability and make it a good time to consolidate things in all parts of your life – family, work and love. Get organised and work hard to make the most of this year.

Chinese New Year Customs

Here are a few things that you can do to celebrate Chinese New Year:

  • Get your sweeping and cleaning done before New Year. You don’t want to be sweeping out your good luck, when the Year of the Ox arrives!
  • Some foods such as large mandarin oranges and fish are homophones for lucky-saying and eating them will ensure that you have luck and wealth.
  • Wear bright coloured clothing (preferably new, and red) to scare away evil spirits.

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