Chinese Zodiac – Year of the Rooster

Year of the RoosterThe traditional Chinese Zodiac features 12 animals, each believed to bestow their characteristics to those born in their year: The Rat (鼠), Ox (牛), Tiger (虎), Rabbit (兔), Dragon (龍), Snake (蛇), Horse (馬), Sheep (羊), Monkey (猴), Rooster (雞), Dog (狗), Pig (豬). This is a horoscope for the Year of the Rooster.


Rooster horoscope for the coming year:

Roosters are believed to be observant, punctual and their ambition is usually matched with their extremely hard-working attitude. They are honest and tend to communicate in a straight-forward manner, which often makes them popular and charming in social situations. Some people may be put off by their self-confidence and need for attention, which can seem like arrogance, and others may find their critical nature tiresome. Those born under the sign of the Rooster seldom sit still, and are often multi-talented, with many accomplishments in many fields or disciplines. The most important character trait of Roosters is their loyalty. They make the most devoted friends, always keep their promises and can be trusted to keep their word.

According to Chinese astrology, it is believed that you are more likely to offend the gods in your own zodiac year, which means that you are more likely to suffer bad fortune. Roosters should be more careful during this year, for example; taking care when handling sharp objects to avoid unexpected injuries, and to pay closer attention to your health.

The year of the Rooster is set to be flamboyant and one in which impressions count. The straight-talking attitude of the Rooster means that you are more likely to succeed if you take this path in your own dealings, whether in love, finance, or career. The Rooster year will provide an atmosphere of dawn or awakening, which may be seen as good or bad. Tap into the Rooster’s spirit by working hard and presenting yourself well, and perhaps you’ll find that the Rooster’s influence will help you reap the rewards.

Chinese New Year Customs Chinese Zodiac

Here are a few things that you can do to celebrate Chinese New Year:

  • Sweep and clean your house before the New Year to clear out bad luck. You don’t want to be sweeping out your good luck in the New Year!
  • Come together with family and friends at the end of the previous year at a reunion dinner.
  • Eat foods that sound lucky, such as large mandarin oranges and fish to ensure that you have luck and wealth.
  • Wear bright coloured clothing (preferably new, and red) to scare away evil spirits.

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