Origami Wishing Stars

Ever wanted a wish to come true? Fold these origami wishing stars to help you on your way. The more you fold, the more chance your wish will come true! This is a popular past time for many young people, who like to fill glass jars with pretty wishing stars and present them to their friends and loved ones.

Origami Wishing Stars

The stars are simple to make from strips of paper. You can buy pre-cut strips from origami stores, but these can be easly made from standard medium-weight paper, cut into strips using a ruler and craft knife, or with a guillotine. The paper used in our video is 1cm wide and 21cm long, and has been made by cutting medium-weight coloured A4 paper on the horizontal.


  1. Fold a knot at one end of the strip of paper. This should give you a pentagon shape with the remaining strip of paper trailing out from one side.
  2. Start pulling and wrapping the long tail around the pentagon with medium pressure – at each turn, the edge of the pentagon will direct your fold to the next side. You do not need to crease the fold tightly.
  3. When you get to the final two folds, tuck the paper into the knot to prevent it from coming loose, and flapping about. You should now have a perfect paper pentagon.
  4. Pinch the sides in from each side of the pentagon. This will puff up your star, and hopefully, it will contain the luck you need for your wishes to come true!

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