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Wai Yee Hong Supermarket AisleThere are certain exotic ingredients, generally not to be found on supermarket shelves, that transform an average Chinese meal into the real thing. To find them, head for this fascinating Oriental store – here’s where you can lay your hands on all manner of sauces, including many varieties of soy; frozen prawns and shrimp; stir-fry fresh vegetables; lime leaves; fresh and dried spices; tofu; Chinese wines and spirits and best of all, every unusual and quite frankly mystifying foodstuff that you’ve always wanted to try but aren’t quite sure what to do with! There’s also a good selection of cooking utensils such as woks, steamers etc. in which to prepare your feast. A lot of the stock is sold in large sizes and bulk, as they supply the city’s restaurants, but non-trade customers are equally welcome. They also act as representatives for Eupo Air and Sagitta Travel Agencies, specialising in flights to Hong Kong.

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