The Awkward Eater Blog – Oct 2011

Wai Yee Hong Chinese SupermarketHave you been diagnosed with Coeliac’s disease or a gluten allergy? Many people have discovered, as has Debra, from The Awkward Eater blog, that the Chinese supermarket can be a great source of ingredients for those on a gluten-restricted diet.

Debra kindly mentions us in her blog post about finding gluten-free ingredients in Bristol:

“Without exaggeration, Chinese supermarkets are the best gluten free discovery I’ve ever made. When we knew we were moving to Bristol from London, one of the first Bristol things I Googled was ‘Chinese Supermarket’.”

“Every time I go there, I stock up on plain rice noodles for adding to stir fries and for making quick lunches (I just add chilli sauce, tuna, whatever is in the house), rice paper (spring roll wrappers) and packets of instant rice noodles”

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