Bristol Evening Post Letter 13-Jul-07

Wai Yee Hong Grand OpeningThis is a letter published on the Bristol Evening Post / This is Bristol website from a visitor to our opening day. We feel that the letter is a real credit to all the hard work put in by all those who helped to make the day a really special one. We’d like to offer our deepest thanks to each and every one of you again.


10:40 – 13 July 2007

Having attended the opening of the Chinese supermarket in Eastville at the weekend, we found the whole spectacle absolutely fantastic. The entertainment lasted for quite a few hours and was superb, including the dance of the unicorn and also the beautiful lion dance.

The whole thing was superbly organised, and I would like to add my best wishes to the company and hope they will be very successful. The only thing that delayed the official opening scheduled for 11.30am was the non-arrival of the Lord Mayor and his wife, who finally turned up about 25 minutes late.

As we were British and in the minority, we felt very embarrassed for the Chinese contingent who had organised everything to work like clockwork, and when the Lord Mayor made his opening speech, he didn’t even apologise for his late arrival.

I feel very sorry that we (Bristolians) couldn’t even get a simple thing like that right.

Carol Pembleton, by email.

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