Daily Mail Weekend Magazine, 12-Dec-2015

We were delighted to be mentioned in Felicity Cloake’s ‘ultimate list of kitchen accessories’ in the Daily Mail Weekend Magazine. Our solid stone pestle and mortars were recommended as ‘the best investment you can make for grinding and crushing’. We also recommend them as useful tools for tenderising steaks, or for rolling things out when you don’t have a rolling pin handy!

Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Dec 2015


Taking advice from Britain’s top chefs, Felicity Cloake has compiled the ultimate list of kitchen accessories


Jamie Oliver has described the humble pestle and mortar as his ‘ultimate kitchen gadget’ – and with good reason.

As Delia explains in her Complete How To Cook, it’s ‘the best investment you can make for grinding and crushing’ and ‘will last a lifetime and serve you in countless ways’, from pounding cloves for your mulled wine to whipping up a curry paste for the leftover turkey. I find the weight and rougher surface of the granite kind the most efficient. 17cm pestle and mortar, £25.95, www.waiyeehong.com.

Click to see the full article on ultimate kitchen gadgets on the Daily Mail website.

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