Telegraph, Sept 2014 – Salmagundi

When our good friend and fellow shop-keeper, Sally Butcher of the wonderful Persian Food Shop Persepolis, asked us if we would like to contribute a recipe to a new book she was working on, we were more than happy to share our food adventures.

Sally’s latest book is called Salmagundi and features salad and salad-style dishes from the Middle East and Beyond! We shared our recipe for garlic-smacked cucumbers – a favourite dish requiring little effort with an added bonus of the satisfying task of ‘smacking’ the cucumbers.

Wai Yee Hong in Salmagundi

Telegraph logoWe were delighted to discover that Salmagundi was recently reviewed in The Telegraph and even more delighted to see that Wai Yee Hong got a little name-check too.

“These are classic recipes from across the world: Waldorf salad from America, salade niçoise from France, Coronation chicken from Britain, Middle Eastern fattoush and a marvellously garlicky smashed-cucumber dish from Wai Yee Hong, a fellow shopkeeper.”


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