The Spectator – Scoff – June 2011

Wai Yee Hong in The gets a mention as a source of Oriental ingredients in this article by Jane Carswell in The Spectator!

What a lovely surprise! One of our customers has turned out to be a writer, who as a remote islander has recommended us alongside other online retailers in this article, in The Spectator.

I take much pleasure in ordering colourful produce from the world at large to fill our larder, courtesy of internet suppliers.

For Oriental supplies I use Wai Yee Hong supermarket. They stock Korean products, always a good sign, including my favourite soft udon noodles, 40p a packet with a cartoon man on the front. They also sell Healthy Boy Brand Thai sauces, which are the best by a Jura mile, particularly when it comes to Sweet Chilli Sauce. If you don’t live by the sea, you’ll be relieved to learn that Wai Yee Hong stock an incredible variety of dried seaweed, including super-greasy Japanese seaweed crisps, which offer all of the health benefits of seaweed but have net guilty-pleasure value.


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