The Telegraph – May 2010

TelegraphWe are pleased as punch to be recommended as an online store for oriental ingredients by Rose Prince, writing for the Telegraph. Rose Prince is a journalist and food writer, whose latest book, ‘The New English Kitchen’, features over 280 recipes and promises to ‘change the way you shop, cook and eat’.

In her take on Assam Prawns (Udang Goreng Assam), Rose lists us as an online supplier for Kecap Manis. Although, we would definitely not list Tamarind as an optional ingredient, as Assam Prawns would be much without the Assam!

In her profile on Hong Kong food columnist Annie Leong, Rose lists us again as an online supplier for all Oriental ingredients, in particular ‘Red Bean Curd’.

“Dali Preserved Red Bean Curd (£1.65 for 397g) is available by mail order from Wai Yee Hong (01179 524240; Palm sugar, Shaoxing wine, soy sauce, star anise and black cardamom are also available from this oriental supermarket – or visit Chinese supermarkets.”

We love Red Bean Curd, but recommend using it sparingly (keep remainders sealed in an air-tight container). For other ideas of how to use this interesting ingredient, why not try making red bean curd roasted chicken, or stir-frying with sliced lotus root and plenty of ginger?

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