Good Food Guide May 2009

Good Food GuideDid you see Wai Yee Hong Supermarket in the Evening Post? We were featured in the Good Food Guide as a great place to pick up Oriental foods and to shop for something different!

Tasty choices bring whole world to your table

Bristol is a city that likes its food, and the area boasts many fine eateries and establishments. Tantalise your tastebuds with the culturally diverse food on offer at various delis, Oriental and Indian supermarkets, or sample the seasonal and locally sourced food on offer at the farmers market on Corn Street. One thing’s for sure, you will be spoilt for choice.

Wai Yee Hong is a family-run Chinese cash and carry and supermarket in Bristol. The company is dedicated to providing quality Oriental food and other goods to both wholesale and retail customers. Since opening in 1981, Wai Yee Hong has become the largest supplier of oriental goods in the South West. The company aims to provide customers with great choice at great prices. Wai Yee Hong’s knowledgeable staff are dedicated to helping customers get the most of their experience at the shop.

The business is based in the purpose-built Eastgate Oriental City complex in Eastville. Wai Yee Hong offer a wide range of Asian and Oriental provisions and utensils, spanning many nationalities. These include Chinese, Thai, Malay, Singaporean, Korean, Indonesian, Filipino and Japanese.

Stocking authentic Oriental products and brands and working with local suppliers, the company aims to provide the customer with the best and freshest produce. Find Wai Yee Hong at Eastgate Oriental City, Eastgate Road, Eastville, or call 01179 524240.

Raymond Chow & Allan Tan in Good Food Guide
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  Exotic food on your doorstep: Directors Raymond Chow, left and Allan Tan at the Wai Yee Hong Chinese Supermarket
</p> Good Food Guide

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