WaiYeeHong.com on timesonline.co.uk Oct 2008

Wai Yee Hong Chinese SupermarketIn an article on timesonline.co.uk exploring the Chinese supermarket experience and Asian ingredients, Nick Wyke claims: It’s all Chinese to me! Celebrity chef Ching-He Huang provides him with advice and lists waiyeehong.com as an online supplier for Chinese ingredients.

Ching-He Huang, presenter of BBC TV’s Chinese Food Made Easy prefers to shop at a local Asian supermarket or Chinatown rather than a mainstream supermarket to stock up on dried ingredients such as long-life noodles, condiments, tinned ingredients (like mock duck), spices and fresh goods such as tofu, Chinese leaf vegetables and “of course my dose of durian”.

For specialist ingredients, Ching recommends online: try www.wingyipstore.co.uk or Hoohing.com or Waiyeehong.com

Once you’ve gathered the ingredients cooking Chinese is so simple. “Most men that I know love wok cooking, because it’s quite methodical and straightforward (unlike most men!) with great results,” says Ching. “Prep all the ingredients, heat the oil, add the aromatics, ingredients, stir fry and season.”

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