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Wai Yee Hong Chinese SupermarketArticles on and recommend as an online supplier for oriental and Chinese food ingredients.

Tong Chee Hwee, head chef at Hakkasan
Ching-He Huang: 10 essential Chinese Condiments

We’re humbled that our online store has recently been recommended in articles for both and as an online supplier for Chinese and other oriental food ingredients.

An article by Tong Chee Hwee, head chef at Hakkasan, who shares some of the secrets behind the restaurant’s prized Michelin star and lists as an online supplier for Chinese ingredients:

I am well aware that you may find it hard to track down some of the ingredients, especially if you don’t live near a Chinese supermarket, so wherever possible I’ve suggested alternatives (or try an online supplier, for example, or And please use the recipes as inspiration for your own dishes – that’s what cooking is all about.

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Rising TV chef, Ching-He Huang, recommends her top 10 essential Chinese condiments and gives tips on using them in Chinese cooking:

Where to buy: Look for Asian brands such as Wing Yip, Blue Dragon, Clearspring and Sanchi in larger supermarkets and health food stores or shop online at and

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