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Bristol Evening Post 14-Aug-07

Bristol Chinese Community

The Eastgate Oriental City complex and Wai Yee Hong, and the role they play for Bristol’s Chinese community are discussed in an interview with Allan Tan:

“For years, Bristol’s Chinese community has been lacking a hub for business. Despite scores of thriving firms stretching across Bristol, there has not been a focus for the Chinese population. The opening of Eastgate Oriental City last month is expected to change all that.”


stwerburghs.org Calendar Aug-07

Water Sky logo

The Eastgate Oriental City complex is mentioned in an calendar entry for the opening day for Water Sky Chinese Restaurant:

“After the grand opening of the Eastgate Oriental City back on 8th July, the restaurant opens this Saturday. It holds 400 people and will no doubt be used for large functions…”

Bristol Evening Post 14-Aug-07 (Water Sky)

Water Sky Chinese Restaurant

The Eastgate Oriental City complex and Wai Yee Hong are mentioned in an article about the opening day for Water Sky Chinese Restaurant:

“…The development is the brainchild of brothers-in-law Alan Tan and Raymond Chow, who ran their Wai Yee Hong cash and carry for 20 years in Station Road, Montpelier.”


Bristol Evening Post Letter 13-Jul-07

Wai Yee Hong Lion Dance

“Having attended the opening of the Chinese supermarket in Eastville at the weekend, we found the whole spectacle absolutely fantastic. The entertainment lasted for quite a few hours and was superb… “


Water Sky Bristol Grand Opening

Water Sky Chinese Restaurant

Many of our customers have been coming in store to ask when the restaurant upstairs is opening. We are pleased to announce that Water Sky Chinese Restaurant, Bristol is now open for business! We would like to congratulate Water Sky on their new business and wish them success and prosperity for the future.

Grand Opening Gallery Part 2

Wai Yee Hong Lion Dance

More images from our grand opening! Thank you to everyone who submitted their images to be included in this gallery!


Chinese Cooking Utensils

Carbon Steel Wok

There are just some utensils and pieces of cookware that no oriental kitchen is without. This article explores the various implements and cookware that you are likely to find in a Chinese kitchen and provides tips on how to use them.

Bristol Evening Post – 09-Jul-07

Bristol Evening Post - July 2007

Press cutting press about the opening day from 9 July 2007 Bristol Evening Post.

"Super opening: Dancers and a giant dragon helped mark the opening of a Chinese supermarket in Eastville yesterday…"


How to season a wok

Carbon Steel Wok

The wok is an integral part of Chinese cooking. Woks are used for stir frying, deep-fat frying, boiling and steaming; its many functions belying its simple design. This article introduces the wok and offers recommendations on how to season and care for it.